INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: We generally follow the City of Alexandria, but please check our website, Facebook page, and Twitter @MTAlexandria for cancellation announcements.

PARTICIPATION: In our classes it is very important for the adults to participate! The children learn their attitudes and motivations from you, and you can help them become enthusiastic music-makers by enjoying the class and participating fully. You will be an excellent model regardless of your musical ability – a sense of fun is all that’s required.

YOUR CHILD: Our most basic rule is to let the children be free to explore, to play, to discover. Children have the amazing ability to teach themselves through play, and even the most well-meaning adult can disrupt that process by giving too much direction. Allow your child to experience the class in his or her own unique way – whether that’s by moving constantly, sitting and staring, tasting instruments rather than playing them, etc. We know from working with many children over the years that each child is busily processing the musical information, even if that’s not apparent during class activities. Trust this process, relax and let your child be, and you will begin to see new musical behaviors emerging as the semester progresses.

Classroom Etiquette

SING, DON’T TALK: Although we use an informal teaching method, this does not mean that we are casual. We especially ask the adults to maintain focus and avoid side conversations between class activities. This is a time to listen, for often a child will spontaneously sing into the silence. Talking will only distract your child from the musical experience we are so carefully creating.

FOOD & TOYS: We prefer to keep our 45 minutes together as musical as possible. Please leave toys in the car. If your child needs juice or a snack, please take them out of the room, to avoid inspiring other young snackers.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: In order to support our learning environment, we ask that you put away phones or other video equipment during class. We find that taking photos or video during class often disrupts the learning process and creates an atmosphere of “performance” rather than participation. We are happy for you to stay after class to capture your children with the instruments or props.

Enjoying Music Together® At Home

MATERIALS: We hope you continue to enjoy making music together at home. This session, you will receive a songbook, a CD, and a code to access the Family Music Zone, where you can download the songs, full musical notation, and explore new content. To access the Family Music Zone, visit www.musictogether.com/account and create an account using the code found on the inside back cover of your CD booklet.

HELLO EVERYBODY APP: Download the free “Hello Everybody” app on the App Store or Google Play and plug in the same code to get the collection’s music on your phone or tablet! Download the full music notation for each collection by clicking "Let's Play" on the app's homescreen.


Our Policies

ABSENCES & MAKE-UPS: Two absences can be made up during each session, provided there is availability. Please use the online make-up scheduler on our website: Go to the “classes” tab, choose “schedule a make-up” in the navigation bar, and follow the directions to schedule your make-up. An automatic e-mail will be sent to the director and your teacher regarding your changes. You may schedule or change a make-up until 10:00 p.m. the day before class. 

GUESTS: If you bring an unregistered child to class (either as a guest or sibling out of school that day), you should pay $18 for each extra child or you may use that class as a make-up for your registered child. Adult guests (visiting relatives or friends) may attend free, but please let the instructor know ahead of time. Please note that we can’t accommodate more than 2 adults per family in our classrooms due to space limitations.