Music Together® Online Details

We are keeping classes online for the Summer session, and hope you will join us in a time when we need music more than ever! Although we won’t be together in the classroom for Kazoo, we look forward to helping you be enthusiastic musical models for your children at home. After all, you are their best teacher!


ONLINE CLASSES: This online session will run for 10 weeks and cost $175 per family, with no additional costs for siblings. Starting on June 8th, we will hold LIVE 30-minute Zoom classes Monday through Sunday. We decided to use this platform, because it mimics the in-class environment most closely -- being able to see your child’s face and having them be able to see their friends too! Our schedule will be varied by day, but remain the same week to week. Unlike our in-person classes, you will not be limited to the one class you are registered for. In this new system, you can “attend” as many classes as you’d like per week.  We will also offer on demand content in our Kazoo Facebook group and family portal, with musical crafts, lullaby time, dances and more! 


MATERIALS: Enrolled families will receive a Kazoo collection book and CD and a code to unlock the collection on Family Music Zone. From there, you'll be able to download the songs from the collection and explore fun content created just for you. Families can also download the "Hello Everybody" app on the Apple or Google Play store and use their code to get the collection's music on a phone or tablet.




9 am Carmen 
10 am Carmen
10 am Molly
11 am Carmen
12 Molly BABIES class
Wednesday 9 am Kelly
9:30 am Kymberley
10 am Kelly
4 pm Kymberley
Thursday 10 am Molly
9 am Kelly 
10 am Kelly
Saturday 9 am Eva
10 am Molly
11 am Eva
12 pm Molly BABIES
Sunday 10 am Eva


Class Schedule Start Date Duration Teacher

Your House!
123 Virtual Lane
location info
Mon - Sun TBA Jun 08, 2020 10 weeks TBA